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Are avocados really THAT good for you?

Are avocados really THAT good for you?


Yes, the holy grail of health foods, a food so popularly expensive that it is single handedly causing a housing crisis among millennials. Are avocados really as amazing as all the avocado toast photos on insta would have us believe? The answer is YES! Not only are avocados versatile and delicious, they’re also nutrient powerhouses. Let me break it down for you.



The first thing we always hear about avocados is about the fat they contain, often touted as the ‘good fat’. Avocados are high in an unsaturated fatty acid, known commonly as omega 9. This fatty acid is also found in many nuts, as well as in olive oil and in the fat deposits of land animals. Omega 9 has a very low melting point (13C/55F), and a resistance to oxygen damage making it very stable, and is the main fatty acid produced in our skin glands. These qualities help keep our arteries supple and less likely to develop heart disease, but also keep our skin looking good too!



Since avocados are so rich in fats, it’s no surprise that they are also rich in fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin E and K. In fact, closest to the skin of the avocado is where the most vitamin K can be found. This vitamin is an important factor in bone building, and blood clotting, the kind you want in the case of injury. So get in there and scrape all of the good stuff out. Avocados are also a good source of b vitamins which, among many other things help supply you with energy.



Yeah that’s right, fibre. Most people don’t know that avocados are a badass source of fibre, at roughly 9.2g per fruit! That’s a little more than half a cup of oats would provide. Right now the recommended daily value* for fibre is between 25-38g depending on your personal make-up.  Keep in mind that fibre is essential to keep the bowels moving efficiently, while also providing ‘bulk’ in foods, which slows down the absorption of sugar. It also provides somewhat of an ‘exercise’ for your smooth muscle tissues and helps stimulate lymph movement along the digestive tract. So eating guac is kinda like cardio… But not really. *

So whether you like to enjoy them on toast, mash ‘em up for guac, toss them in a salad, or blend them in a smoothie, avocados are more than just a trendy fad, they’re an incredible fuel for the body, and damn they taste good too!

*This amount is based on Ontario numbers

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